Repurposing the Church to Redeem the Community

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How many times have you heard well-meaning pastors proclaim to their people, “We can change the world!”, or “We’re going to take this city for Christ!?” But the question remains: have you ever seen this happen?


Simply starting a church, being “missional,” or advocating for social justice, etc., will not alone bring about real and measurable community transformation. Indeed the proclamation and application of the Gospel should not only include leading people to Christ, but improving their quality of life, restoring local hope, and engendering the goodwill of entire communities in tangible (measurable) ways, all for the glory of God.


That’s what Disruption at Mosaic is all about! And it all begins with a simple premise …


How can a church expect to transform a community if it does not reflect the community?

Learn About Disruption

Disruption Book

Many pastors and ministry leaders desire to impact their communities for Christ through compassionate ministry and pursuit of social justice. Often the problem they face is knowing where and how to focus their efforts, or what to do beyond planting a church or preaching the gospel.


Disruption: Repurposing the Church to Redeem the Community by Mark DeYmaz (Thomas Nelson • Leadership Network, 2017) provides pastors with a proven model for community engagement in order to realize measurable results. More importantly, it provides a template to help pastors consider their context, develop a holistic approach, and advance the Kingdom along spiritual, social and financial fronts.


Bring Your Team to a Learning Lab
March 12-14, 2017 and November 5-7 • Mosaic’s Little Rock Campus

Email Alison Clinton to receive registration info.

-> Limited to 8-10 churches; 50 leaders
-> Twice a year opportunities for participation over 2-3 days in a specific location
-> You’ll get…  
     • In-depth relational instruction from the senior pastor and staff of a healthy multiethnic church 
     • A behind-the-scenes, up close view of the church’s worship service, staff meetings, programming, and more 
     • Appointments and meals with lay leaders and church members for no holes barred Q and A 


-> Perfect for denominational leaders seeking to accelerate the vision within their districts or regions
Send several church teams under your charge or care; click here to learn more.


Learn how our model of Disruption is today helping the people of Mosaic to make a measurable impact in Little Rock’s emerging University District whereby:

       • More than 18,500 people (52% of an entire ZIP code) are receiving three to four days of food each month through a
         program costing the church less than $1,000 a month;
       • Free immigration (legal) services are being provided for some 300 people;
       • Twenty young people (18-24 years in age) who have aged out of foster care are being housed and mentored in a    
         program that last year received an $800,000 government grant;
       • Six trailers are being renovated by Habitat for Humanity to house more than 40 women being rescued from a life of
         drugs and prostitution;
       • An economic equivalent impact of $351,799 was made in one year through 15,140 hours of volunteer service by 880
         people (twice as many as attend the church on any given Sunday);
       • Crime has been lowered by 10% in one mile square radius of the church since it was established;
       • A former dark property, Little Rock’s first Walmart (80,000 square feet) has been resurrected leading to 45,000 square
         feet of new small business retail, approximately twenty jobs, and new tax revenues;
       • A former Kmart has been converted to house the newest and largest 10 Fitness in the state, adding thirty jobs to the
         economy, and together with Mosaic, raised the value of the 100,000 sq. ft. of space situated on 10 acres of land from
         $1,500,000 to $3,900,000 in just three years!


The University of Arkansas at Little Rock further describes the church’s impact on the community in this recent article highlighting Mosaic’s partnership with 10 Fitness, or watch the KARK News 4 Community Matters segment covering the grand opening, press conference, and ribbon cutting on Monday, June 1, 2015.

Responding to Outreach Magazine's Article

Mosaic was honored to be featured in the May/June (2013) issue of Outreach Magazine devoted to the topic of Community Engagement. For those wanting to learn more about our model for community transformation and/or how to apply it within their own ministry contexts, connect with us further through one or more of the following opportunities:


1. Tell us who you are, where you’re located, and why you’re interested in community engagement/transformation?

2. Schedule a site visit to Mosaic. Experience the people and passion of Mosaic up close and personal, view the work of Real Community Transformation, and spend time with staff from both the church and our non-profit, Vine and Village. Come alone, with some or all of your church’s staff team.

3. Consider a residency or an internship at Mosaic. Contact Harry Li for more information.