Mosaic offers several options for connection, spiritual growth, and ministry. Mosaic Groups are recommended for all members as a safe place for growing together and building strong multiethnic relationships through the bond of Christ. Many people also find that participating in Bible study groups, helping the next generation learn about a vibrant relationship with Jesus, or serving on a Sunday morning also provide smaller contexts to grow alongside other Mosaics.

Mosaic Groups

Mosaic Groups are about doing life and growing in Christ together! All Mosaic Groups intentionally reflect ethnic and economic diversity in a small group setting, and some may also gather around a specific stage of life, interest, or ministry opportunity.

As part of a Mosaic Group, active members commit to gather with like-minded, diverse others on a regular basis in order to be:

  1. Relationally Connected
    In pursuit of spiritual, personal, and collective growth in Christ
  2. Intentionally Engaged
    In pursuit of authentic Christian community
    • Reflecting ethnic and economic diversity as a group
    • Worshiping together
    • Praying for each other
    • Studying the Bible and seeking to follow Christ in obedience to His Word
    • Focusing on the good in others, always expressing grace and mercy
    • Acknowledging interdependence
    • Humbly confessing one to another and being quick to forgive
  3. Missionally Focused
    In pursuit of impacting the lives of others, in 72204 and beyond, for Christ
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Ministry Group and Classes

Soul Sisters offer community and classes for adult women, and Band of Brothers is a group of men who serve and learn together. Serving on the F3 Committee which plans fun, food, and fellowship events for the Church just might be your thing! Other opportunities are available to minister to the homeless, single moms, and others experiencing current needs.