There is power in proximity. We have a lot to learn from people from other cultures and backgrounds. At Mosaic, the journey to deepening relationships, to growing together as fellow members of God’s household, begins with Multiethnic Conversations (MEC).

The Multiethnic Conversations study, by Mark DeYmaz and Oneya Fennell Okuwobi, is structured around eight weeks of daily readings and thought-provoking questions. It is a Christ-centered, biblically accurate guide that facilitates authentic personal exploration and small group discussion of race, class, and culture.

At Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, we are devoted to moving beyond rhetoric… and even beyond merely sitting on the same pew together on Sunday mornings. We commit to gather with small groups of like-minded diverse people to connect relationally and serve each other. This pursuit transforms us individually and collectively to share the true gospel with our community.

Find more information about upcoming MEC classes at Mosaic here.

Interested in leading a MEC class at your church? Purchase the Multiethnic Conversations workbook, and contact [email protected] to find out more!