“We Did a Thing”

As we advanced into the New Year, our church did a thing. First, we held a very minimalist but God-driven and participatory service in the round. Pastor Mark soloed with songs and played guitar while accompanied by Anthony Valley on a keyboard. In the center stood a cross, red on one side and blue on the other. On the red side was a scripture and notes from some of the worshippers about what we’d like to leave behind in 2021 in order to “be better” in 2022. Then we were invited by Pastors Harry and Lawrence to share a personal prayer from the Psalms that typifies how we wish to move forward in 2022. (I chose Psalms 37:3-8) Next, we were invited to post on the blue side of the cross our big hope for 2022…Hopes so big we know we will need God’s help for them to be realized. It was an incredibly humbling, inspiring day.
Posted by Arkansas state senator Joyce Elliot

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