Rick Shade is the pastor of our unsheltered brothers and sisters. In this capacity, he helps them meet their daily needs for food, work, shelter and many, many other life essentials.

The unsheltered live all around Mosaic Church. Just to the south of our campus is one of the largest homeless camps in the metro area. Of those who live in and around this area, many are members of our Mosaic family. They attend church on Sunday, work in The Orchard on Tuesdays, and there are some who even work on the staff of Vine & Village.

Pastor Rick helps these brothers and sisters navigate the complexities of living life on the streets and in the woods. He serves with mercy and patience, working to reconnect men and women to health, family, community and God. He spends countless hours helping these individuals get the medical care they need, any government assistance available to them, and he has even been able to coordinate with local housing authorities to get some into affordable housing.

Rick is courageously engaged and committed to serving where God leads.