The Truth About Money

Legitimate Concerns
When it comes to the American Church and money, there’s no shortage of need, concern or complaint:

  • “Pastors are always talking about giving. Instead, they should just trust God!”
  • “The church doesn’t care about me…It just wants my money!”
  • ______________________________ (fill in the blank)

Sadly, frustrations like these not only abound but are often warranted. More than a few pastors have misappropriated funds or preyed upon sincere congregants to line their own pockets, build their own kingdoms or fuel a lavish lifestyle. In so doing, they've caused harm and broken trust within their own membership as well as adversely affected the reputation of Christianity and the Church.

While it is true some pastors have done so, it is not true that all pastors are doing so.

Faithful Stewardship
At Mosaic, we strive daily to be faithful stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us by church members and others that give consistently, generously, and sacrificially, as unto the Lord, in support of our mission and vision. For more than 20 years, our leadership has pursued and established systems of financial accountability, learned to stretch dimes to dollars, and continued to believe:

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He will do it.” (I Thessalonians 5:24)

In practice, this means that we regularly encourage, challenge, and inspire the body to support the church financially, believing that when we do for ourselves what we can do God will do for us what we cannot.

Household Needs
Pastors responsible for church finances and funding are not any different than responsible men and women managing the finances of their own households on a daily basis. Whether at church or at home, then, we should recognize the continuous need for more money.

Think about it:

Beyond the basic costs of renting an apartment or a house or owning a home, etc., there is an ever present need for more money. Stated another way, outside of fixed monthly expenses for which we can budget, there are at least three areas that continually demand our financial attention:

  • Rising Costs of Maintenance
    Inflation, expanded use and development of the facility, new program development, etc.
  • Unexpected Repairs or Replacements
    Malfunctioning or broken appliances, plumbing problems, a leak in the roof, potholes in the parking lot, etc.
  • Desired Improvements & Investments
    Remodeling an outdated kitchen, installing new carpet, buying furniture, etc.

So... To address such needs, we juggle funds to take care of what must be done (whether we can afford it in the moment or not); budget for what we know now or next needs to be done; plan and try tp save for what we hope next to do.

That's what. those responsible for the church do as well.

Our Promise
While we can’t promise you a church that never asks for money, we can promise you a church that remains on the matter...

  • Open & Approachable
  • Honest & Accountable
  • Thoughtful & Resourceful
  • Faithful & Hopeful

…as we continue to trust God to provide for us all that is needed to advance the mission and vision of Mosaic for His glory.

Should you have any other questions, please contact Rafael Estrella.