Join the Story

Become Part of the Mosaic Family!

Are you looking for a group of diverse people with whom to consider and practice the teachings of Jesus?
If so, you’ve come to the right place… We’d love for you to become part of our family!

Here’s How in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Take this short survey to tell us something about yourself. (4-5 minutes)

NOTE: Please complete the survey at least one week before you join us for lunch (see Step 2).

Step 2

Register to join us for lunch on an upcoming 4th Sunday of the month (12p - 1:30p).
Meet others joining the church, some of our pastors, and consider next steps

Step 3

Before coming to lunch, spend some time becoming more familiar with Mosaic

  1. Watch 3 Videos (14 total minutes)
    1. Welcome to Mosaic (2 minutes)
    2. What Makes Mosaic Unique (4 minutes)
    3. How & Why Mosaic is Patterned After the New Testament Church at Antioch (8 minutes)
  2. Complete 1 Profile (3 total minutes)
    a descriptive term (i.e., Realistic Doer, Groundbreaking Thinker, etc.). Learn more about your personality type.
  3. Read 3 Documents (8-10 total minutes)
    1. The Moment God Called (4-5 minutes)
    2. Doctrinal Statement (2-3 minutes)
    3. Members' Statement of Affirmation (2-3 minutes)
  4. Review This Information (11-15 total minutes)
    1. Our Leadership (2-3 minutes)
      Who's who and what we do
    2. Our Approach (5-7 minutes)
      Why and how we're structured like an American football team
    3. Our Hermeneutic (4-5 minutes)
      How we draw meaning out of the Bible and what is the basis for our teaching

Pastor Rafael Estrella


Pastor Terrie Runnells

Contact Rafael or Terrie today to learn more about joining the story or to register for lunch on the 4th Friday of each month!