Go Therefore and Make Disciples of All Nations

Matthew 28:19

Do you want to Join the Mosaic Mission Team?

The Mission Team is the Church's Instrument for Administering the Strategy of Mosaic Missions By:

Responsibilites Of The Mission Team

  1. Leading the church in periods of fasting & prayer concerning mission projects
  2. Provide updates and information about all supported missionaries (oral and/or written)
  3. Educate and equip the church about missions and world outreach
  4. Coordinate prayer support for missionaries from members of Mosaic
  5. Stimulate interest in and mobilization of Mosaics for mission projects
  6. Assist in developing the annual missions budget
  7. Interview and determine support level of candidates (according to section II.C)
  8. Establish and maintain an effective and realistic missions strategy for Mosaic Church


Missions giving and pledges helps support long term missionaries. We support missionaries who have been sent into key locations throughout the world. Offerings given to this fund help support our financial commitments to our sons and daughters in the field. 

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Unreached People Groups

Scholarships for Missions Training

Unreached People Groups

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