What To Expect

Stop by our welcome table, say hello, and receive a free gift bag!

Harry and Corey Fam

Upon arrival at Mosaic, expect to...

  • Be greeted at the front door by people from varying backgrounds that are genuinely excited to see you
  • Stop by our Welcome Center to introduce yourself and receive a gift... our thanks to you for coming
  • Experience an authentically friendly, relationally warm, and casual environment
  • Worship with us for approximately 65-70 minutes at 9a or 10:30a
  • Engage with music and a congregation of people that enjoy singing, raising hands in praise, etc.
  • Hear a thought-provoking, theologically sound, and encouraging message from the Bible*
  • See children well cared for and taught that Jesus loves them through a variety of age-appropriate forms
  • To be prayed for by Christ-centered men and women following the service, should you so desire

*At Mosaic, we adhere to the Historical-Grammatical method of interpretation (i.e., our hermeneutic) which governs our reading, observation, and understanding of the Bible and the application of its timeless truths in today’s context.


  1. Hermeneutic: a philosophy or theory governing one's approach to exegesis (i.e., the way in which we draw meaning out of the biblical text.
  2. Historical-Grammatical Method: an interpretive method which considers a biblical text in its a) historical and cultural context (i.e., author, date, intended audience, purpose, geographic location, socio-political times, etc.) and its b) linguistic construction (i.e., literary form, language, grammar, outline or flow of the writing, syntax or construction of sentences, etc.) in order to discover the author's original meaning and intent. Once understood, timeless truth (i.e., truth not otherwise bound to one particular historical period or cultural) is discerned, explained, and considered for application in modern times.