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As part of a TABLE you’ll gain personal relationships, grow spiritually, and engage in common mission.

Read on and/or listen to this message to learn more. Then, take this 2-minute survey to reserve your seat at a TABLE.

Table Values

We facilitate conversation, ask good questions, listen to one another, consider nuance, and stay curious.

We engage topics and discussion not only to know or become but to do and act on insights gained.

We study and explain the Bible from a Christ-centered perspective using the grammatical-historical interpretive method to inform minds, wills, and emotions from day to day.

We pursue involvement with one another in ways that produce joy, hope, love, security, and significance.

We create shared memories by learning, doing, serving, and playing together.

We commit to one another so as to ensure that what is shared at the table stays at the table.

What Are TABLES?

Outside of Sunday mornings, when we worship God together as one, TABLES provide members of Mosaic an opportunity to walk together as one in smaller settings throughout the week. Personal relationships, mutual encouragement, spiritual growth, and common mission are what you can expect from being part of a TABLE.

How Are TABLES Formed?

TABLES are formed together with others committing to meet for all or part of 9-months each year (September-May) who share a similar...

  1. Season of Life (i.e., Young Adults, Married w/Children, Parents of Adult Children, etc.)
  2. Passion for Service (i.e., Children's Ministry, Worship Arts, Chess Club etc.)
  3. Geographic Location (outside of Little Rock, i.e, NLR, Benton, etc.)
  4. Desire to connect exclusively with adult Men or Women

When Do TABLES Meet?

TABLES meet at various times throughout the week or every other week (as determined by members) over the course of 3 terms (fall, winter, and spring) and a period of 9-months each year (September-May).

2023 Schedule

  1. Fall Term (8 or 12 weeks)
    Week of September 10 through Week of November 26, 2023
  2. Winter Term (8 or 12 weeks)
    Week of January 7 through Week of March 24, 2024
  3. Spring Term (6 or 8 weeks)
    Week of April 7 through Week of May 26, 2024

What's the Difference Between a TABLE and a Bible Study?

Members of a TABLE meet consistently over a 9-month period (September–May) allowing for a deepening of personal relationships among a smaller number of people over time. Along the way, members of a TABLE determine what they will study including books of the Bible, topical curriculum, and/or otherwise engage in sermon-based discussion.

On the other hand, Bible studies at Mosaic are short-term in nature, focused on teaching and equipping a larger number of people, offered exclusively for specific groups (i.e., men, women, students, etc.) or otherwise open to anyone interested in the specific curriculum being advertised.

Is Childcare Provided?

Some TABLES prefer and accommodate children at their gatherings while others arrange for a childcare worker(s) onsite during their meetings by pooling their financial resources. Needs are addressed and decided with parents prior to placement in a TABLE

Make Your Reservation

Take the survey to tell us...

a) Is there someone else or others with whom you'd like to share a TABLE?
b) Is there a particular area of the city in which you'd like to meet?
c) Is there a day of the week that works best for you?
d) Is there a time of day that works best for you?

Seasonal Menu Options

1) 40-Day Red Letter Challenge

2) Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes (details TBA)

3) Multiethnic Conversations

4) Navigators Topical Memory System (Life Issues)

5) Practicing the Presence of God • Brother Lawrence

6) Right Now Media Library

Contact Pastor Paul for access to over 10,000 courses on video.

7) Sermon-based Discussion Questions

Whether during the sermon or sometime later in reflection, use this template and be prepared to discuss your take on messages with others at your next TABLE gathering.


Paul Kroger • Pastor, TABLES & Discipleship

For more information or if you have any additional questions, contact Paul.