Most of us have flown. We all know there are good stewards/stewardesses and bad ones. At the bare minimum stewards take care of their guests. Good ones go above and beyond.

This past Sunday, Pastor Lawrence gave us much to think about as he reviewed areas in our lives that need stewarding. For most of us, our minds will automatically think about our spiritual giftings or financial resources. And of course, these things require stewarding, especially if we are to use them in a godly way, operating with the systems we currently live in while not letting them rule over us.

But there are further areas that we should steward. Our bodies are a HUGE gift from God, enabling us to do things to provide for our families, or to simply enjoy life. If we do not steward our bodies well, then we are not living up to standards, and are certainly not going above and beyond.

In addition to, and closely linked to our bodies, is our mental and spiritual health. Our minds are yet another incredible and mysterious gift that we have been given, and they deserve no less time and attention, and care than any other area.

So as we move through this week, let us think about the areas we have not been stewarding well, and let us remember the other, most important gift we have: the help of our loving Father and the Holy Spirit!

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