Hubert & Treopia Bryant Community Kitchen

Honoring 20+ Years of Faithful and Sacrificial Service

As founding members of Mosaic, Hubert and Treopia Bryant
have blessed the people of Mosaic and of the 72204 community
by preparing meals (for hundreds of people on any given day)
out of their own home and kitchen.

From preparing and serving free community meals after church on the 3rd Sunday of every month to doing so for our annual University District Thanksgiving Festival; from recruiting and organizing volunteer servers to countless hours of back and forth from the church to their home working on logistics, the Bryant's have done always so with excellence, humility, and joy!

Now, we have the opportunity to thank and recognize
this wonderful
couple in a meaningful, tangible, and useful way!

H & T

Thanks to an anonymous financial gift, Mosaic is building
a commercial kitchen in its facility not only to provide for the needs
of the church
but as a blessing to the community as well.

The donation will completely cover the structural costs of building the kitchen (approximately $125,000 to pay for plumbing, electric, HVAC, drywall, painting, permitting, the installation of a grease trap, and more). Beyond food preparation and service, we will be able to encourage and help people establish micro businesses, provide culinary arts classes and training, support local food truck owners, and more!

Of course, a kitchen needs equipment...
And that's where we come in with a chance to participate
in the celebration and bless Hubert and Treopia!

Here's how:

Step 1

Review the list of needed equipment below.

Step 2

Choose an item to purchase in their honor. NOTE: All financial gifts are tax-deductible

Step 3


How wonderful it will be to someday soon attend the Grand Opening of the Hubert and Treopia Bryant Community Kitchen. Thanks in advance for consideration and participation!

Full List of Items Needed

$25,000+ (1 Item)

Vent Hood

$10,000+ (1 Item)

Dishwasher, Door Type