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Misaligned and Misunderstood

There is no feeling quite like the pain of being misunderstood. Sometimes it is a matter of someone simply not seeing the best in us. At other times, it can be an outright negative judgment against us. Embarrassment and defensiveness ensue, and we lose focus of who we are in Christ and our calling.

Pastor Harry showed us this past Sunday how we can follow Jesus’ example in dealing with these experiences. It is a sermon easily understood by everyone because of the ubiquitous nature of misunderstandings.

Remembering very clearly the times this has happened to us, I wonder if we have asked ourselves as often: how have we misunderstood others? Why is it so difficult to extend to others the grace we so desperately want for ourselves?

The desire to be liked and loved is often the root cause of the pain when we are misunderstood. It requires humility to rest in the love of God rather than seeking the approval of humans. It is that same humility that requires us to contemplate the idea that we might be wrong about someone else. What a wonderful idea it is, that others are better than we think they are! It is certainly what we want others to think of us. 🙂  

If we extend this line of thought to the One who matters above all, it becomes clear that Jesus has not only BEEN misunderstood; but that he CONTINUES to be misunderstood, by us! Humility is again required to realize that it is possible our interpretations of Scripture, or Him, are incorrect.

Father, grant us soft teachable hearts, that we may be able to extend love and grace to those around us! We make the bold request that your church becomes the place where the FEWEST misunderstandings happen!

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