Who are the best children’s teachers? BOTH ARE!

In the Children’s Hall on any Sunday, you will find a great mix of fun, passionate, loving, and skilled teachers in every classroom. This week we’re highlighting the men!

For example, on Palm Sunday, we found Darlynton waving palm branches and shouting “Hosanna!”; Merrit and Hayden were guessing clues; Seth and Thomas were helping toddlers on the slide; Jonathan was leading a procession of the King’s army; and Oki listened intently and talked with kindergartners as they created art. On other Sundays… Esteban, Ben, Dick, Corey, Patrick, and Kurt join in teaching lessons that point Mosaic kids to Jesus.

The children love our incredible team of teachers! Many of the men serve alongside their wives. They all have busy schedules and jobs (very different from what they do on a Sunday morning). They feel called to serve their church and take the time to love our children.

These men say that getting to teach kids the Gospel through Bible stories is fun, important, and rewarding! They enjoy being a male presence in the room. Our children see their parents serving the church, playing, and teaching. Their example instills in their own family, and in the Mosaic family, a good desire to serve others.

Jesus said, “… the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mosaic men have that same attitude!

If you would like to be a part of the amazing Children’s Ministry team, please contact our team at Children@mosaicchurch.net.