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Recently, my husband and I received a little blessing from the manager at a hotel where we had a reservation. Because we are frequent guests of this chain, the manager offered to upgrade our room at no charge. The upgrade that he provided far exceeded my imagination for a nice hotel room! It was gorgeous, spacious, and had an incredible view. We found ourselves on the receiving end of good stewardship. (Quite the opposite of some other experiences when poor management yielded chaos, stress, and exhaustion.) This hotel manager didn’t under or over-manage, but rather he stewarded his available resources to expand the owner’s business and create a strong customer base.

Pastor Mark spoke last Sunday about a proper view of biblical stewardship.  He pointed us to Matthew 25:14-30 to see that there is more to good stewardship than just taking good care of, counting and protecting what we have been given. Good stewards leverage resources to bear fruit and multiply gains.

Good stewardship requires that we recognize that we’re not the owner, but we have been given a responsibility to expand the property. Men and women, created in God’s image, are to care for the earth and make it fruitful. God has entrusted creation to our attention (Genesis 1:27-30), and we are to be creators. From the work and responsibility that he has given us, we gain a great deal of joy, and we experience God’s fellowship and pleasure.

As we steward the thoughts, time, talents, and treasures that God has entrusted to us, we should prayerfully ask ourselves and others: “What if?” “How so?” and “Why not?” We should expect God to bless and use us in a mighty way to expand his kingdom.

Stewardship means multiplying God’s business, extending the blessing to others. Bringing in new people. It requires operating out of faith rather than fear, while placing our hope and trust in God whose wisdom and resources are not limited. 

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