Until we see Jesus face to face in heaven, we will probably not know all of the reasons He came to earth. But one we do know is that He came to express the love of God.
Not only is Jesus the reason for the season, you are the reason for the season. He came for your benefit.
If you didn’t need what Jesus Christ has, God wouldn’t have made the effort. We wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas if you did not need what Jesus Christ came to bring.
A lot of times we watch holiday movies and in some, God sends an angel to give somebody a special message. What is different, in truth, is God did not send an angel. He did not send a substitute. He came Himself.
God sent His Son to the earth, knowing that He would die on the cross. God not only tells us He loves us, He shows it. Because we have heard it so many times, we should be careful to not undervalue John 3:16. It is the perfect picture of God’s love.
There are not only a lot of misconceptions about God today, there are a lot of misconceptions about what love is all about.
Love is not about getting. Love is about giving. God so loved the world that He gave.
Love is giving. And God so loved the world that He gave. Real sacrifice, God showed how much He loved you by sacrificing Himself on the cross.
Even if you are the only person who ever lived in the whole world, Jesus Christ still would have come to earth at Christmas so He could live and die for you so you could spend eternity with Him.
God’s love is not based on how cool you are, how good, how righteous or how successful you are. God’s love is based on His character, not yours. He loves you unconditionally.
We can spend our lives trying to discover the reasons Jesus came but we can only understand the Father’s heart in the cross of Christ

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