Each Sunday at Mosaic, a dynamic and diverse team leads us in worshiping God together. Let us tell you more about some of the people you see each week.

Anthony Valley and Jon Johnson may be the glue that holds this Spirit-driven team together! You will find Anthony on keyboard most Sundays, but during the week he spends many hours getting all the music, vocalists, and instruments in place. Jon has directed the pastors and service volunteers every Sunday for the
past two years, reminding us each week that “this is a Celebration!”

Worship Leaders rotate. Allen Watkins joined the team last September. Clarissa McNeil has been bringing us to the throne of God in live worship and through online services. James and Lametria Wafford are longtime favorites of Mosaics.

We are thrilled to welcome Justin Spann to the team! Justin, from Orlando, Florida, is bringing organizational and directional leadership to our worship services. He is also part of the Worship Leader rotation and will be leading us next Sunday.

Several other vocalists and instrumentalists consistently serve on the worship team, one even driving from Memphis each week. Jonathan Chandler oversees
audio/visual, and Esteban Carrión leads the talented crew of technical support. Their commitment blesses us!